Understanding Themes

After installing SetSeed you can visit /sh on your primary domain.

This will show you the SetSeed Hub. This is where you can add new sites. When you do this it's useful to understand how themes work within the system.

Understanding Themes

Our Design Mode system means you no longer need to think of themes in the traditional sense. That is, with Design Mode, you won't need to work with HTML and CSS files directly as a whole site's look and feel can be created using the browser tools directly. However, Design Mode itself is in fact just a very elaborate 'theme'. All the configuration, HTML, CSS etc needed to setup the Design Mode framework exists within a normal 'theme' folder. This is why you choose 'global_design_mode_theme' for a site's theme if you want to use Design Mode for that site.

When you create a new website by clicking the 'Add New Website' button you can choose a theme for your site. In almost all cases you can just choose 'global_design_mode_theme' as this is the core shared theme asset that powers our 'Design Mode' system.

The files and assets that make up this theme are all found in ~/themes/ where ~ represents your server document root (/var/www/html if you used our Linode StackScript when starting your server).

Also, if you use our Linode StackScript, you can use the automated update script. This script will update your server's global_design_mode_theme automatically which means any site you configure to use this theme will continue receiving updates as you update the sever.

Stand Alone Themes

It's possible to hand-code a whole theme if you wish. In which case you'd create a stand along theme folder and store in the site's own 'themes' folder (i.e ~/sites/YOURSITE/themes/YOURTHEME/). This will only be available to that site.

However with the flexibility possible by using the Theme Merge system in conjunction with the shared Design Mode theme it's very rarely needed to work with stand alone themes any more.


So theme folders can exist in two places:

1. the ~/themes/ folder contains themes that can be used by multiple sites. The Design Mode theme can be found in here.
2. Each sites's folder has its own 'themes' folder that contains themes that can be chosen only by that site.

When you create a new site, you can choose a theme from the menu which includes the shared themes as well as any stand alone theme folders that are included with the default site.