Setting Up Your Server to Allow Clients to Connect to Facebook

You can configure your server so that each client using a supported theme (all 'design mode' sites are supported) will have the option to connect their Facebook account to their website.

Once this is done they will be able to enable an option to allow their Facebook feed to be imported into the website's blog.

Because this is a white-label platform, the name of the app that your customers will be asked by Facebook to authorise needs to be your own company name. This means you need to create a new Facebook app as a Facebook Developer, then configure this installation of SetSeed with your app's credentials.

Add app in Facebook

Create a new app at

Populate $facebook_app_id and $facebook_app_secret in app/configuration.php and uncomment.

Setup the cron script on your server

Edit Cron on your server and add a line like this to your crontab:

*/5 * * * * php "/var/www/html/public/sh/cron/import-facebook-posts.php" > "/var/www/html/public/sh/cron/import-facebook-posts.log"

Setup the app for approval in Facebook

  1. Under Settings enter your primary server domain in 'App Domains'.
  2. Click 'Add Platform' and choose 'Website'. Enter the full URL for you primary domain in the Site URL field.
  3. Under the 'App Review' section, click 'Start a Submission' and tick the following roles: user_posts,manage_pages,pages_show_list
  4. In the Notes for user_posts area, add the following explanation:
  5. Other: "Publishes Timeline posts to the user's website blog tool."
  6. Then enter the following instructions for the approval process.

1. Login to the admin system for this test website. (Provide a test website for Facebook here)
2. Click 'Website Settings'
3. Click 'Connect to Facebook' and login. If there are Pages associated with the Facebook account you can choose either a personal profile or
4. Click 'Blog Articles' in the left menu and tick the 'Import Posts from Facebook' item. Leave the 'Limit Facebook posts import' option empty.
5. After 24 hours the posts will be imported and they'll be visible on the website
6. You'll need to create a screenshot showing the process of connecting an account to Facebook and upload that with the review as well.