Making a Website Live

The first thing to consider when dealing with domain names and moving a site live is the 'www' variant of the domain name. The CMS can automatically redirect from the non-www version of a domain to the www version so it makes sense to use the www version as the main version of the website. i.e this is the domain you'd enter in the Hub.

The advantage of using the www version of the domain is that you can setup a CNAME record for the www domain and have that point at your server's primary address. That way you can easily move to another server in the future without updating all your client domain DNS records.

This does mean that you need to get the redirect for the non-www version to the www version working directly within the domain registar. Most domain registras support this under a forwarding or redirection feature. You'd normally setup the redirect first then edit the DNS records to change/add the WWW CNAME record.


  1. Add a redirect in your client's domain registrar redirecting to the www version of the domain name.
  2. Edit the DNS records and edit the CNAME record for the www version of the domain name. Change its value so it points at your server's primary domain.
  3. If the www version of the domain is already shown in the DNS as an A record, delete it and add it as a CNAME record instead.