Setting Up Your Server to Allow Clients to Connect to Google

You can let your customers connect to their Google account using oAuth. This lets their website access their google account to use their data.

Currently the only supported data types are calendar events. This lets your users show their Google calendar events on the native SetSeed calendar.

1. Set up your App in Google API Console

You need one app configured for your whole server. You will however need to configure each of client website individually.

Once you have added an app and enabled the Google Calendar API and Google Contacts API for your app, you can setup the oAuth credentials.

2. Create credentials

Click 'Create credentials' from the API & Services > Credentials page in your Google API Console. Choose 'Web application' and then add your client site's domain name in the 'Authorised JavaScript Origins' field. Then add this path (changing to your client site's domain) in the 'Authorised redirect URLs' area.

3. Download and install credentials file

You can then click the 'Download JSON' button to download the credentials as a JSON file. Rename this file to google_app_secret.json and upload it into your server's /app/ folder.

Once this step is complete you should see the 'Connect to Google' button in your site's Website Settings view. Your client can then click this to connect their account to their website.