Creating a New Site in SetSeed

Because a single installation on your server handles all websites, it's worth having a good understanding of what happens when you create a new website using the Hub.

Once installation of SetSeed is complete you can access the Hub at /sh on your primary domain.

Once logged in, you can click the 'Add New Website' button to add a new website. You'll be prompted to enter a domain name and choose a theme.

Inside the ~/sites/ folder on your server (where ~ is the document root folder on your server) you will see a folder called 'default'. This folder gets duplicated and renamed when you add a new website. The new folder becomes the folder for your new site and is named based on the first domain name you add.

SetSeed also sets up a new MySQL database for the new site along with a distinct MySQL user to use it. The initial database import is taken from the db.sql file inside the ~/sites/default folder.

You can also choose to use another website to copy the initial database from. In which case the db.sql file from that site will be used. It's important to note that it will use the db.sql file, not the actual live database.

This means if you want to ensure the copy is up to date, you should click the 'prepare backup' button in the Hub for the source site. This saves the database into the db.sql file.